My endeavors fall into one of two categories: my hobbies and my work. When I engage in a hobby, it's fine if not everything goes to plan; my motorcycle breaks down, my 1911 fails to feed, and I get shot to death over and over in video games. It's another thing entirely when a computer system eats my writing.

First, the narrative. The story begins last night at around 12:45 when I finished writing a plan for the next chapter of my novel. I wrote and rewrote and highlighted and used different colors of ink and it was all just... It was nice. I liked what I had produced. I'm more a seat-of-the-pants writer than a planner, but knowing the goal at the end of the chapter is essential for me in planning terms, even if I don't regard chapters to be particularly important divisions of a book.

My chapters tend to be 6k-8k words in length, which apparently is sizable compared to what most people produce. I do not think these are particularly outsized for epic fantasy, at least, but I'll allow that they're a little long. That said, a "chapter" is entirely arbitrary, and each of my scenes could be numbered if you really want small chapters.

I'm home sick today without much to do because I didn't plan to be sick and, therefore, left my work machine at work yesterday. Naturally, it's not possible to simply use any of my (several, ok? There are several) computers at home for work because the company I work for is annoying, so anyway, I pulled up my note from last night and started looking over the plan.

In macOS Notes.

What a terrible plan!

I noticed something that I wanted to expand upon, so I tried editing the note. Not possible for some reason. I tried several times to just drop a cursor in place and start typing, but no dice. Then, suddenly, it worked!

...But the content of the note was gone. I assumed this meant that the machine had assumed I wanted a new note, which I didn't, so I immediately deleted the "new" note without realizing that, in fact, the machine had deleted the entire content of my note.

And, since I had just deleted the "new" (old) note, I couldn't undo that obscenity.

The only conceivable reason anyone would design a computer system to both A) mimic a physical interface with extremely high reliability and B) behave like any ordinary digital interface with exceedingly high volatility is that they C) have no respect for you or your work.

I already knew this. That's why I typically use exactly zero services provided by Apple. I was just giving this new thing a try, and some parts of it seemed very nice. (I haven't had a tablet for years.)

Looks like I'll go back to using pen and paper for this.