I sent this today to my congressional representative. I encourage you to write your representative about the same subject. Feel free to copy mine.

Freedom is under attack. Powerful tech and payments companies are working in concert to ensure that conservative voices around the world are silenced. Patreon, Stripe, Apple, Facebook, and numerous other companies have all banded together to ensure that people engaging in so-called "hate speech" are not allowed to use their platforms. Hate speech, for example, like declaring that six year olds or illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote.

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of politically motivated censorship on the part of "neutral platforms." These platforms benefit from special protections under the law as a result of their neutral status, but they don't even pay lip service to that neutrality anymore. The CEO of Apple recently called it a "sin" (a sin!) to fail to censor people he disagrees with politically.

This cannot be allowed to continue! Much of what these insane, leftist ideologues do is already illegal, and we have simply failed to enforce our laws against them. Facebook and YouTube are prime examples: they engage in censorship on their platforms (which makes them legally PUBLISHERS, not PLATFORMS) in spite of relying on platform protections to avoid being sued into oblivion for copyright violations. Other platforms (Stripe, Patreon, etc.) engage in politically motivated censorship that may not be illegal, and we may need new law enforcement tools to address these issues.

The way these corporations work to silence the voices of Americans--and, indeed, of citizens of nations around the world--is not freedom. It's not American. Most of all, it is not acceptable. I urge you to work to stop this.